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Rockstadt Extreme Fest ’24, 10th ANNIVERSARY – 31st July – 4th August 2024

Announcement from the organizers:


“Welcome! Tickets are up and running, so is our new and improved website, with lots of new content and the current amazing lineup of the first 20 acts joining us for 2024!

Check out the TICKETS section for all info on passed and the homepage for the lineup and recent news. There are only 2000 tickets available at the current price of 750 Lei (around 150 EUR) so get moving to get them cheapest.

Speaking of the lineup, we’re preparing an all star lineup of no less than 100 bands. Bigger, better and more diverse of course.

So let’s get into it! From the frozen lands of the North and for the first time in Transylvania, please welcome black metal legends 1349. Looking for buzzing (rather than roaring) guitars, abundant blast beats, Satanic lyrics, unclean vocals et al, ghastly corpse-paint, leather, spikes, fire breathing, and Frost’s unique drumming style? Well, look no more!

Unto something different. Get ready to be Lost in the Static with AFTER THE BURIAL, first time in Eastern Europe and this is a name we’ve set our eyes on for a long time. Expect nothing but pure American mathematics and grooves!

Next on our list, British metal core masters BURY TOMORROW. 7 albums, world tours, international recognition, pure melodic metal core, you just can’t go wrong with that! With a sound that merges post-hardcore’s plaintiveness with metal core’s punishing heaviness, Bury Tomorrow attack listeners from all fronts with their emotionally charged metal assault. Now, from the other side of the world, sunny Canada to be precise, we’re brining nothing but hardcore/punk joyfulness. That’s right, it’s COMEBACK KID! A blue-collar punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Comeback Kid combine declamatory vocals with a hyper-speed rhythm section and two riff-happy guitarists. 

You wanted extreme? Well, here it is. DESTROYER 666, one of the absolute landmarks of extreme metal, will bless these lands with an unstoppable force, violence and extreme galore. Black metal, thrash metal, war metal? They got it all. 

While we’re in the black metal genre, here’s some new blood! DEVIL MASTER, one of the most promising upcoming names in the black metal scene, are surely to hold up to their name. Keep your eye on this name!

GAEREA are also reconfirming their show at Rockstadt Extreme Fest, ‘fresh’ after a cancelation due to airports and authorities. But keep in mind, this time we will take every precaution in order for this show to take place. It’s happening!

If stoner is what you’re into, then look no further. We definitely need no introduction for STONED JESUS, one of the (if not THE) most beloved European stoner acts around. Beginning with sludge/post-metal blueprints, it shaped into a full-time band, becoming musically closer to stoner rock and traditional doom metal in vein of early Black Sabbath, later days Electric Wizard and classic Sleep. What’s not to like?

But wait, there’s more. From the far away lands of Virginia, please welcome SHY, LOW? Never heard of them? You definitly will, since this is one of the most promising post rock/metal acts out there, signed to the already influential Pelagic Records. And this alone is a staple for their quality and sound.

From Hungary, please welcome THE DEVIL’S TRADE. Dark, doom, folk, you name it. A soundtrack to the next phase of his life. A soundtrack to souls stuck in liminal space, hungry to adapt to new realities and to grow further, outside the boundaries which so often shackle them.

And we’re closing up with a personal favourite. For the first time in Romania, for the first time in Eastern Europe, no additional words needed. TOXIC HOLOCAUST! A punitive thrash metal project influenced by hardcore punk, west coast hard rock, and proto-death metal bands of the ’80s such as Discharge, Hellhammer, and Venom. Enough said!

Grab them tickets now! See you 31 JUL – 4 AUG 2024 at Râșnov Fortress for Rockstadt Extreme Fest ’24, our 10th ANNIVERSARY”

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